Density (lbs/bu)
Yield (bu/ac)
MOG/grain ratio
Ground speed (mph)
Catch area (ft2)
Cut width (ft)
Discharge width (ft)
Loss weight (g)
Total loss (bu/ac)
Relative loss (%)
Grain feedrate (bu/hr)
Grain feedrate (t/hr)
MOG feedrate (t/hr)

Discharge width is distance material is spread at the back of the combine, spreaders and choppers are not recommended. See the PAMI combine seed loss guide for details. A seed count based calculator is also available along with a cost comparision calculator.

Typical MOG/grain ratios:

wheat0.6 - 1.2
barley0.6 - 1.2
rice1.0 - 2.4
sorghum0.4 - 0.8
corn0.4 - 0.8
canola1.0 - 3.0
soybean0.5 - 1.5
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